What we do

What we do

Comagency specializes in marketing research and brand communications, public and government relations, digital and event production and creative advertising concepts. Our PR and marketing skills make the Russian market clear and accessible for businesses and other organizations that have unique knowledge, products or services to promote, develop or expand in this region.

Comagency are constantly creating new, successful ways for companies to communicate, connect and inspire people. By sharing our specialist, extensive knowledge of the Russian business landscape and focusing on our market insight, great ideas and real innovation, Comagency ensures that our clients achieve their goals and deliver real performance.

Multiple-play expertise

Awareness campaigns, annual reports, brochures, websites, newsletters, movies, events. By providing optimum management of complementary multimedia tools, Comagency fashions the image and conveys a consistent message for its clients. Now more than ever, our business consists of building links. Reinventing media, orchestrating areas of agreement and correspondence, unifying energies and synergies.

You are welcome

We are always glad to hear from good friends and will be glad to meet new ones, so please feel free to contact us by tel: +7(495) 669 50 61 or e-mail: info@comagency.ru. We speak English and Arabic.

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